Manuel Landscaping offers full-service designs. With any option you choose, our goal in the design process is develop a plan that unites you with your outdoor spaces.


After the design process, our professional install teams work to bring the vision to life.  We use a comprehensive approach to install plants, patios, garden walls and more...


We maintains outdoor spaces to improve the equity of your property and quality of life benefits for you and your family.

Our skilled teams provide a variety of services including turf and shrub management, seasonal flower programs, and customized maintenance.



When it comes to the best installation of pavers, look no further. Manuel Landscaping LLC is the company of choice of most home and commercial property owners in the North Jersey area. We have what it takes to provide you with the best paving materials that will enhance real estate value of your property.

belgian blocks

Belgian Blocks are a beautifully hard natural stone we stocks in two colors, pink and gray. All of the Belgian Blocks can be used as cobblestone pavers for driveways, patios, or walks. They also are very attractive as a border or curbstone.



Bluestone is a common name for many different stone types around the world. In the United States, bluestone refers to a type of sandstone quarried on the East Coast with a predominantly blue to blue-gray color. It’s a popular paving material because it brings a beautiful hue to the garden and is suitable for modern as well as rustic styles.


We can help you to design and then install your ideal wall, whether it is a Retaining or Decorative wall. There are many different ways to incorporate walls into your landscaping. Decorative walls tend to be the most common. These beautifying walls can be placed anywhere to create benches, elevated areas, and raised beds. Depending on the slope of your yard, a Retaining Wall may be needed. Retaining walls are used to enlarge or flatten a yard that has a slope. We can help you with whatever your “wall” needs may be.


Residential or Commercial

Need landscape and patio projects & ideas...sure, we can do !